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We provide video animation services for companies in advertisements and TV series, movies, social media contents, websites, events, software and games. We focus on adding value to the brands by producing creative content that will attract the attention of the customer/user, and that conveys the correct messages. In our works, we produce animation videos by combining computer software and graphics with special drawings for you.

You can easily use the videos prepared using high-tech tools. Our animated movies are more remarkable than regular movies. This is the reason behind the popularity of animated films in marketing strategies. Animated videos provide ease of expression and are widely used in many areas such as product - service promotion, infographic content, commercials, training videos, software promotion, game promotion, presentation videos and website promotion animation. The reason why brands prefer best video animation services to promote their products is this success in delivering their messages to the right target audience quickly and attracting attention. Since animation videos are remarkable and have a high sharing value, they also enable you to use social media accounts effectively, and you will continue to prefer animation commercials in your marketing efforts,

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We prepare short promotional films made of pictures, graphics and videos describing your products and services. You will get the effect you expect with your original design videos that best describe your product that you will publish on your website or in other media. Infographic video animation has become one of the most interesting and most preferred new media techniques in visual communication. Let us explain all the details of your products and services with infographic animations. With infographic video animation and by hiring 2d video animation services, you share the situation, service, application or concept you want to tell about your brand with your target audience in the fastest and most effective way. You can experience exciting and entertaining videos with 3D, 2D animation technique. We animate vectors using state-of-the-art software to get the animation videos you want. With our expert creative team who tends to provide best animated video production services, we manage the process from the idea stage to the delivery stage of your project, and we offer you an effective and memorable work.

Since the animation production process is longer than other techniques, it requires a professional team. The Design Farmers provides professional service to its customers with its team of experienced screenwriters, illustrators, art directors and animation artists. It is essential for us to understand the brand, analyze the target audience well and focus on the purpose for this professional service to come to life.

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  • Typography

    Create an everlasting impression on your customers by opting for our top-of-the-line video animation services. The experts at The Design Farmers aim to deliver high-quality video content by using a unique and creative approach that help you portray your message in the right way. With a sleek and artistic amalgamation of engaging animations and artsy font styles, we help you express the motion that gives you a prominent brand identity.

  • Whiteboard Animation

    Matters not if you are willing to have video animated a bit informally, our video production department can suffice you with convincing Whiteboard Videos to help you outshine the norms. It is a unique way of grabbing your client's attention by incorporating a human voice and creative images in a way that commutes your business’s ideas explicitly.

  • 2D Cartoon Animation

    Efficiently assorted with motion graphics and non-crafted pictures, our 2D animation production department has the ability to take sophistication and creativity to the next level. Leveraging modern tools and high-tech facilities, the experts at The Design Farmers can help you create engaging illustrative graphic material to improve your connectivity with your visitors.

  • 3D-Animation

    Those willing to enhance their relationship with clients by opting for something extraordinary must not give this option a second thought. Exquisitely designed 3D animations can help you make an unblemished difference, enabling you to stand out from the rest. While helping you create a distinctive brand identity, 3D animation is a cutting-edge solution for those marketers willing to express their message in a fun, engagement and exciting way!

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Here, at The Design Farmers, we exclusively aim to make things right and easy for you. For this purpose, we value our client’s input and pay high regard to work with customers according to their feasibly and convenience. We work on project with high wisdom and experience and always incorporate valuable suggestions while enhancing it exclusively to your specific needs.


With an aim to excel in the art of timely deliveries, we always make sure to cater to deliverables as per their scheduled time. While things are being handled by The Design Farmers experts, you don't have to worry about late deliveries at all. We know how crucial it is for you to pace forward as per your schedule and we ensure to keep it as our priority.


Ever since we became a part of this revolutionizing digital industry, our visionaries have prided themselves on their proficiency and extensive creative designing capabilities. The vast experience that our experts hold significantly allows us to deliver projects with precision and accuracy. With that being said, having our professionals by your side, you do not have to worry about anything!


Nothing can be deemed impossible to achieve for our highly experienced team of expert logo designers. We love to cater to challenging aspects of your needs while making sure those are carried out explicitly in accordance to your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority and we aim to help you develop your brand identity that you always needed!

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Our clients simply love our work

They had asked me so many questions at first, I thought they were just buying some time. But I was astonished by the produced artwork. It was the exact replica of what I had in mind.

Becky W
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Our clients simply love our work

I used to be a small business owner, I had contacted them for logo 5 years back. And today I have 5 franchises across the North. It’s all possible because to their assistance.

Terrance Cole
Jimmy’s Chicky Chip

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Our clients simply love our work

I had a website and social media pages for my business but I still thought digital world was not for me. Then one day I landed up at The Design Farmers and everything changed.

Sarah Miller
Dairy Dose

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