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Let the changes you make in your products and services be instantly reflected in all marketplaces, making your work easier. Save time by automatically generating your order printouts, barcodes and tracking numbers thanks to full integration with shipping companies. We are with you in your E-Commerce journey with consultancy and training support included in the package. After you indicate that you are interested in the product, our consulting team calls you and makes an appointment on behalf of our Technology Sales Managers. Our Technology Sales Managers visit your company, determine your needs and provide you with the best e-commerce services. After the purchase is complete, your service setup takes place.

With The Design Farmers’s e-commerce services provider, you can manage the processes of establishing an e-Commerce website from A to Z and using digital and traditional marketing methods professionally for this e-Commerce website. All you have to do is contact us!

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The e-commerce sector across the globe has recently become a medium where many entrepreneurs frequently participate. As being the best e-commerce services provider company, we open your e-store with our package software and provide you and your employees with special e-commerce services. As a company that has shed light on the IT sector for years, help you make company become even more effective and your company, which adds the possibilities of the internet, will also have the chance to benefit from global e-commerce connections that go beyond just selling to a certain audience and increase productivity and creativity.

The new internet technology e-commerce is accepted as the most effective tool in terms of electronic commerce, because audio transmits written text and image simultaneously, faster and more securely. The infrastructure and e-commerce site built for your company are under the care and assurance of our agency. In case of any problem, you can call us and request technical support for your firm. Like the leaders of the business world, The Design Farmers recognizes the role played by the internet in its ability to survive and compete. For this reason, our company takes a serious approach in the IT market with its best ecommerce web services offering options.

The most important thing for e-commerce entrepreneurs to do to increase sales is to ask for help from a company with a professional approach. Let’s get in touch right away! We could be the only solution for your e-commerce business!

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  • E-Commerce Development & Designing

    Knowing how difficult it is to build a robust online presence, the experts at The Design Farmerss build not only websites but aim to provide you with a unique E-Commerce website design that can help your business grow exponentially. Our team of web developers identify the competitive hindrances and define the necessary scope to add value to your online business.

  • Third-Party API Integration

    From helping you get more out of your E-Commerce business to assist you with tailored solutions for 3rd party API integrations, we help you flourish your E-Commerce business from start to finish. Whether it is Amazon or eBay API integration, integrating Marketplace Payment Gateways, or SugarCRM incorporation, we’ve got you all covered!

  • UI/UX Designing

    At The Design Farmers, we take immense pride in our UI/UX designing facilities and provide our clients with a creatively designed interface to enhance their business’s presence in the market place. Get in touch with us now and get a highly functional and distinctive layout for your E-Commerce business website.

  • Round The Clock Maintenance & Support

    From thoroughly maintaining your website to keeping it protected from technical errors, our support team is at your disposal 24/7. As a full-service digital agency, we offer complete website maintenance and support plan and cater to your needs on-demand. Let your concerns be at rest and allow our experts to work on your requirements exclusively.

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At The Design Farmers, we prefer to keep everything constantly active from online all services to client interaction, we are available. Wisdom is ready to cater to the queries and get your urgent orders completed on your request.


Here, at The Design Farmers, we exclusively aim to make things right and easy for you. For this purpose, we value our client’s input and pay high regard to work with customers according to their feasibly and convenience. We work on project with high wisdom and experience and always incorporate valuable suggestions while enhancing it exclusively to your specific needs.


With an aim to excel in the art of timely deliveries, we always make sure to cater to deliverables as per their scheduled time. While things are being handled by The Design Farmers experts, you don't have to worry about late deliveries at all. We know how crucial it is for you to pace forward as per your schedule and we ensure to keep it as our priority.


Ever since we became a part of this revolutionizing digital industry, our visionaries have prided themselves on their proficiency and extensive creative designing capabilities. The vast experience that our experts hold significantly allows us to deliver projects with precision and accuracy. With that being said, having our professionals by your side, you do not have to worry about anything!


Nothing can be deemed impossible to achieve for our highly experienced team of expert logo designers. We love to cater to challenging aspects of your needs while making sure those are carried out explicitly in accordance to your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority and we aim to help you develop your brand identity that you always needed!

our testimonial

Our clients simply love our work

They had asked me so many questions at first, I thought they were just buying some time. But I was astonished by the produced artwork. It was the exact replica of what I had in mind.

Becky W
Brown Bacons

our testimonial

Our clients simply love our work

I used to be a small business owner, I had contacted them for logo 5 years back. And today I have 5 franchises across the North. It’s all possible because to their assistance.

Terrance Cole
Jimmy’s Chicky Chip

our testimonial

Our clients simply love our work

I had a website and social media pages for my business but I still thought digital world was not for me. Then one day I landed up at The Design Farmers and everything changed.

Sarah Miller
Dairy Dose

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